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I wanted to write a quick (very lame) poem to encourage you all to share this blog with as many people as possible.

Awful Finance Blog Poem –
blogging about finance is not just a game, Continue reading

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Understanding the Emergency Fund

Understanding the Emergency Fund and how creativity and courage can make this fund work almost seven times harder for you.

There are multiple schools of thought and even debates to one of the great topics of our times, The Emergency Fund. Continue reading

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Basics of Investing – Risk Explained

Investing Basics – Learn the basics of risk, the difference between tolerance and ability, and the difference between human and financial capital.

How do you decide how much risk is right for you?

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Basics of Investing – Mutual Funds Explained

Investing Basics – Learn the basics of mutual funds, what the different characteristics mean, and in the end which mutual funds are best suited for your needs.

DISCLAIMER! – I will not be making any recommendations or stock picks, this is purely an educational post about investing. Please don’t consider this advice or consider any of the examples I use as me endorsing that company or fund.

Now to the meat: if, like most people, your career path did not entail learning the ins and outs of investing or the stock market, you probably would like to learn the basics. In a multi-part post, I will try to explain the basics to help you better understand your finances and your choices. In this section, I will try to cover the basics of mutual funds and by default exchange traded funds (ETFs), as those are primarily the options you will encounter in your basic 401(k) or IRA products. As a CFA charter holder and former Investment Analyst for an Institutional Investment Consulting firm, I routinely analyzed and evaluated mutual funds for multi-billion dollar client’s 401(k), Defined Benefit (Pensions) and Deferred Compensation plans. Continue reading

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Save Thousands in Credit Card Interest Today!

Now before you read further, let me clarify that the only way you can save thousands is if you owe thousands and at high interest rates. When I worked as a credit counselor, I helped hundreds of people lower the amount of interest they would owe on their credit cards. Sometimes the dollar amount would be in the tens of thousands, helping them finally break through the endless cycle of unsecured debt.

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Poll: Finance Topics of Interest?

I want to know what YOU want to know!

Please take a second to answer the below poll and I will make sure the content is curated to your knowledge needs. Continue reading

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